A new living space for you and your family, for all weather conditions.


You go home to unwind or entertain your family & friends. A sunroom is an ideal way to enhance your lifestyle and better enjoy the place where you spend most of your time - home.

Betterliving 4-season sunrooms offer year–round enjoyment with insulated glass and construction. Add space to your home at a fraction of the cost of standard construction – and add a whole new dimension to your home!

Choose the style of sunroom to match your home and your own design. Studio & gable (A-frame) available.

gable (A-frame) sunroom

Gable roof sunrooms feature an A-Frame roof for extra light and height. Gable sunrooms work well with two-story and split level homes, but also work on single story homes with the installation of a dormer.

Build an A-frame sunroom on your existing deck or add a new platform from scratch.  These sunrooms allow for maximum sunlight, and can even accommodate skylights in your ceiling.  

Add value and beauty to your home by adding a 4-season sunroom, and start today by calling Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of New Hampshire.

Vinyl Sunroom Options

  • Color - White or Desert Sand
  • Roof Style - Studio, Gable (A-frame), or under an existing roof
  • Roof Panel Thickness - 3", 4 1/2", 6"
  • Knee Wall - Vinyl Panels and/or Glass

Vinyl Sunroom Components

  • Electrical Raceways - NEC Compliant
  • Corner Posts & Headers - Vinyl-clad extrudued aluminum
  • Engineered Laminated Beams
  • Gutters - Extruded aluminum
  • Roller Wheels - Steel, self-lubricating ball bearings, zinc coated & adjustable
  • Tempered Glass
  • Aluminum Screens
  • Skylights - 18" x 34"

studio style sunroom

Studio roof sunrooms feature a sloped roof and are ideal for single story homes or raised decks.  

If you have a deck off the back or side of your home, and find that you rarely use it, take advantage of this space by converting it into a comfortable, versatile studio style sunroom.

For those considering adding an addition onto their home, but find they are on a tight budget, a studio style sunroom is the best option.  Create the space you desire with a year-round sunroom, providing extra light, a place to relax, and a unique feature to your home.

Studio sunrooms are our #1 seller here at Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of New Hampshire. Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation & estimate to find out why.


Roof panels, extruded frames, and other components will be free from factory defects in materials for fifty (50) years from the date of contract. In addition, tempered glass in the sliding windows and doors is warranted against spontaneous breakage for fifty (50) years from the date of contract. Insulated glass is warranted against seal failure for fifteen (15) years from the date of contract.

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