11 Tips When Buying A Sunroom

Not all sunroom dealers and manufacturers are the same! When buying a sunroom, Betterliving really does mean better living sunrooms!

Here are some things that you should know before buying a sunroom, along with how Betterliving sunrooms responds to these concerns;

1. Compare the cost and value of a sunroom

Make sure the dealer offers a free, no obligation consultation and measure at your home to provide you with an exact cost for your project. Consultants can offer great ideas on how to utilize your current deck or patio as a foundation for your sunroom addition. Watch out for contractors who offer sunroom costs over the phone. This can hide the true cost of a sunroom project. Scheduling an appointment will be the only true way to be sure you can compare the sunroom cost and value of each product before selecting a sunroom company.

Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of New Hampshire offers free in-home design consultations and to-the-penny price with no hidden sunroom costs.

More tips at www.betterlivingnh.com/sunrooms-buying-tips