Benefits of Natural Sunlight: Enjoying Your Sunroom

Introducing Better Health & Well-Being Into Your Life

As we are counting down the days to spring, and then summer beyond, we are all craving the outdoors and the touch of sunlight on our faces. After being cooped up all winter, our minds and bodies are ready to venture out into the fresh air and bask in the sun. However, there are ways to take advantage of natural sunlight throughout the winter months as well, and natural light from the sun can provide a number of health benefits which we should all take advantage of and enjoy year round.

If we do a quick search we'll find there are numerous sources which state the many positive aspects of having more natural light in our lives. Combine these with the benefits of having a sunroom added to your home, and you've got an ideal space in your home loaded with positive features.

Here's a summary of the benefits of natural sunlight;

1. Natural lighting increases overall happiness and well-being. Exposure to sunlight is also a primary source of vitamin D for people.

2. Homeowners can create a more comfortable living environment by eliminating the amount of artificial light used. Utilizing natural light correctly will make a space appear to be bigger and more beautiful overall.

3. By introducing more natural light into our daily lives, science proves depression in adults & children can be drastically reduced.

4. Lighting and temperature controls are a large portion of electrical bills, which can be reduced through more use of natural sunlight.

5. Natural lighting is less strenuous on the eyes.

6. Making more use of natural sunlight is great for the environment.

Enjoy the sunshine year-round with a 4 season sunroom from Betterliving! Call today to schedule your in-home consultation and take the first steps towards creating a bright spot in your home full of natural lighting.

Want even more light? Ask us about skylights and also gain the benefits of natural air ventilation in your home.