Common Sunroom Misconceptions

As the saying goes, never judge a book by it's cover

Sunrooms are well-known and popular in today's remodeling trends. However, the sunroom is not always understood.  With terms like prefabricated, extruded aluminum, vinyl clad, roof panels or patio room associated with sunrooms, some people may be turned off before they understand the engineering which goes into today's sunroom products. Advances in technology have led to vast improvements in efficiency over the years, and so it's time to put some misconceptions behind us.

  • Built to last: Although they may exist, not all sunrooms are DIY kits which can be assembled following quick instructions and a few screws. Quality materials and quality construction are key to the success of Betterliving sunrooms, and with a 50 year warranty it's clear to see the quality is there. Our sunroom specialists are factory trained, and we guarantee our sunroom additions are built to last. Similar to conventional construction, we order materials and cut all pieces to their custom size on-site. Worried about snow load? Don't be! Don't be fooled and think it is a flimsy structure to last but a few years.


  • Limited use: too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. As mentioned above, advances in technology have done away with windows and doors which are poorly insulated and provide little protection. Today's sunroom windows and doors are incredibly efficient with argon gas filled panels and Low-E insulated glass. Should you choose to heat or cool your space, you can expect it to be easy to adjust. Solar shades are also quick and easy to install and provide privacy in addition to the cooling benefits. Use your space year-long, night and day, for entertaining or simply lounging.


  • Difficult to maintain: sunroom frames are manufactured with extruded aluminum components, which is a low weight, high strength material commonly used in aircraft, autos, trains, boats, etc. The extruded aluminum and vinyl components are maintenance free, and so besides your standard wiping or dusting, there is little maintenance to consider when it comes to your Betterliving sunroom. 


  • Expensive, too costly: in most cases, a Betterliving sunroom will cost less than conventional construction with wood products. Sunrooms can take as little as one week to install, and so labor costs are quite low. There are also electrical tracts installed directly into the wall and post components, and so installing fixtures or outlets is quick and easy. 

We hope this sheds some light on some of the common misconceptions regarding sunrooms. Know somebody who has a sunroom? Ask them what they think!