Converting Your Existing Porch Into A Year Round Space

Over the years, Erickson Construction and Betterliving Sunrooms of New Hampshire have attended a number of home shows, fairs, and events, displaying our quality service and products. A common question we receive from many home owners is whether or not their current existing porch (or deck) may be converted into a 3 season or 4 season sunroom. The answer is...yes! To help answer some further questions, we've tracked down Enclosed Porch and asked him to chime in with his expertise on the subject. Here is our Q & A with him;

BSNH: So EP, long time no see! We've got 3 ft. of snow on the ground in some areas, and it keeps coming! How have you been holding up this winter?

Enclosed Porch: I'm doing well, thanks. Lucky for me, I am engineered to be sturdy and long lasting. Keeping up with the snow hasn't been a problem. That being said, I am ready for the spring when I can finally open up my windows again.

BSNH: For those who don't know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Enclosed Porch: I come in different shapes and sizes, as I am custom fit for various locations. I am quick and easy to install, as I prefer to be used along with existing decks, porches and roofs. This ensures I blend in well to the surrounding structure and home, and also means I am affordable.

BSNH: So we know you are sturdy enough to keep up with the snow throughout the winter. Do you find many home owners occupy your space during the cold months as well?

Enclosed Porch: I can be both a 3 season room and a 4 season room. As a 4 season space, I can be used year round. Similar to the interior of any room of the house, I need to be heated to stay warm. 

BSNH: Wow, great! We're sure our customers will be glad to know you can become a heated space. What else can you tell us?

Enclosed Porch: I don't mean to gloat, but in my experience, where ever I go I am occupied by happy customers. They take a seldom used space and convert it multi-functional extension of their home, complete with screens, windows and doors.

BSNH: For those who do not have an existing porch to enclose, what do you recommend?

Enclosed Porch: As much as I'd love to become a part of their homes, I would recommend they consider one of my cousins, either 3 Season or 4 Season. I know Betterliving Sunrooms of New Hampshire is a full service general contractor, and they would be happy to build a new deck for one of my cousins, or simply build one of them upon an existing deck or patio. We all come with a 50 year warranty!

BSNH: Thanks for stopping by Enclosed Porch. Keep thinking spring!

For more information on Enclosed Porch, we encourage you to visit his page here.