5 Ways to Customize Your Betterliving Sunroom

You're going to love a sunroom! From providing you with extra living space, to giving you a beautiful room to entertain, dine, or simply relax, your sunroom space is going to quickly become your go to destination in the house. So don't settle for the ordinary. Here are 5 ways you can customize your Betterliving sunroom , making it your own unique space.

1. Allow for maximum sunlight

Looking to create a bright space with lots of sunlight? We recommend the A-frame, cathedral ceiling style sunroom. While this style works best with two-story and split level homes, it also works on single story homes with the installation of a dormer. These sunrooms allow for maximum sunlight, and can even accommodate skylights in your ceiling.  

2. Match your existing roof style and/or color

Customize your sunrooms roof to match your home. Whether your home has shingles or metal roofing, your sunroom can blend seamlessly into your homes exterior. More and more we are finding custom roof jobs to be the trend with sunrooms, and we are always happy to accommodate this request.

3. Add style to your sunrooms ceiling

If you want more than the standard ceiling, we've got you covered! There are a wide variety of ceiling options available, from wood designs of all sizes and colors, to cathedral ceilings with stylish beams. Create a custom room to become your own little escape, or match your exisitng homes style and flow.

custom sunroomd design

4. Make it a temperature controlled space

In order to make the most of your year-round sunroom, it is recommended to have either a heating or cooling system (or sometimes both!) installed. While we offer heating/cooling units with our Betterliving sunrooms, you also have the option to have your own system, or even wood stove, installed as well. 

woodstove in sunroom
heating/cooling unit

5. Add solar shades for privacy

While it is great to have a nice bright space during the day, you may wish to have more privacy at night. Or perhaps there is that time of day where the sun is overbearing and you need to create some shade. Solar shades are a great solution for all such situations, by covering your windows and adding to the style of your sunroom space.