Knowing What Goes Into Your Sunroom

Quality Sunroom Products

As mentioned in a previous article, quality materials and quality construction are key to the success of Betterliving Sunrooms of New Hampshire, and with a 50 year warranty it's clear to see the quality is there. So, how can such a great warranty be offered? Our materials are manufactured here in the USA with precision and care, guaranteeing our customers receive top of the line products, ensuring they will be able to enjoy their sunroom space for a lifetime. 

Here's a breakdown of some of the materials going into each sunroom, helping to shed some light on what makes our 4-season & 3-season sunroom products the best in the industry:

Betterliving year-round and 3-season sunroom components

Extruded aluminum components

Extruded aluminum is high in both strength and durability. The custom fabricated individual components are also light enough for a single installer to handle, meaning installation is quick.  When installed correctly and interlocked, the pieces combine to create a solid sunroom structure, built to last. The surface coating on the exterior and interior of the aluminum is a baked-on maintenance free enamel finish. There is no need to ever paint the surfaces.

Vinyl with Thru-color and UV inhibitors

For our year-round sunrooms, the posts and headers are wrapped in a vinyl casing for both thermal performance and maximum strength. This surface is also maintenance free. Sliding doors and windows are ENERGY STAR compliant in all 50 states.

Tempered glass with Low E and argon

Betterliving windows and doors come with a 50 year warranty. The tempered safety glass with Low E and Argon is standard in all units including knee-walls or any transoms. Insulated glass in year-round rooms is warranted against seal failure for fifteen (15) years.

Steel hardware components

Hardware within the sliding door and windows operate on stainless steel ball bearings and tracks. These maintenance free components are protected against the weather as they are dipped in cadmium during manufacturing. 

Built-In gutter system

It's easy to enjoy a view from a Betterliving sunroom even in the rain. The built-in, hidden extruded gutter system is standard with all sunroom units which also receive the roof panels, and creates a wonderful seamless finish.

Hidden electrical raceways

The post mullions are engineered for support and prevent racking and flexing of the frames. Hidden electrical raceways are built in for easy wiring and flush mounted outlets and switches. These are generally required for all year-round spaces. 

Roof panels - polystyrene core laminated to aluminum

The roof system consists of heavy gauge extruded aluminum A-frame beams which interlock with the roof panels. The panels themselves are a dense polystyrene core laminated with aluminum. They are maintenance free, however on the inside it is possible to add accessories such as finished pine or other surfaces the homeowner may wish. 

Customize your space

Betterliving sunrooms are not a cookie cutter space. They are custom made to fit the homeowners needs and unique style. Options include ceiling fans, skylights, light fixtures, outlets & switches, choice of wall & post colors, gable or studio style, and more.

Not all sunrooms are created equal, and we're proud to be able to offer our customers superior Betterliving products. For more in depth information on any of our products, we encourage you to call today and meet with our design specialist.