How could a sunroom fit there?

Making it work

"How will a sunroom fit there?" "How could that work?" "We'll have to think of something else."

If you're considering a sunroom but are uncertain whether or not the roof line or angle of the house will allow for such a space, don't convince yourself it can't be done. Each Betterliving sunroom is unique for the space they're sized for, from how it connects to the interior of the home to the angle or pitch of the roof line. We've seen and done it all, and we'll make it work for you, too.

  • Concerned about tying into your existing roof? Don't be. As a general contractor for over 35 years, we've installed hundreds of roofs and are familiar with all necessary flashing and water proofing techniques. And if you don't like the look of a paneled roof, you have the choice of conventional roof shingles as well.
  • Considering a sunroom in the corner or on an angle? We're here to tell you it's not a problem and we have photos and customers to prove it. 
  • Can we rearrange our deck, the stairs, or entrance to the home? Absolutely, and with many sunroom projects this will be the case. To keep costs down we'll use as much of your current deck and materials as possible, including your stairs. 
  • Can we utilize the space underneath the sunroom? Yes, if the space allows we recommend you make use of it. Lattice work can be customized with hatches or doors, giving you easy access to your storage. 

Sunrooms are not always on a deck or patio

  • Thinking about adding a sunroom space off of your master bedroom or up on the 2nd floor? We've done it before and we'll have the solution for you. Let us know what you had in mind and we'll show you how it's done.

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