Upgrade the face of your business with Betterliving Railings.  Stylish aluminum or aluminum with glass railings will help create a professional, inviting environment.

Business Aluminum Railings & Aluminum Glass Railings

Safe and Secure!  Aluminum structural railings provide both an attractive addition to your building, and safety for your staff and your customers

Go Green with Aluminum Railings

Aluminum is one of the most easily recyclable products. And it's maintenance free, too!

1. Pickets

  • Maintenance-free aluminum in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Picket Size Options: 5/8" and 1-1/2"
  • Picket Spacers – Because your railings are custom fit to your requirements, our unique system eliminates unsightly screws, protruding splices, or bulky couplings typical of do-it-yourself projects

2. Handrails

  • The unique design and gentle curves designed into handrail allows it to run continuously across the posts and make it comfortable to the touch
  • Handrail Options: Single Top Handrail or Double Top Handrail
  • Optional Lighting: Low voltage halogen lights built right in
  • Optional Handrails: ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant hand railing system is available

3. Tempered Glass

  • Processed by controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass. If broken, the glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of jagged shards.
  • Tempered Glass Options: Clear, Bronze, Gray, Green or Frosted

4. Posts

  • Maintenance-free aluminum in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Post Size Options: 2-1/4", 3" or 5-1/2"
  • Optional Cross-Over Post
  • Caps: Provide a smooth, clean appearance which conceal fasteners
  • Floor Brackets: Exclusive die-cast aluminum floor bracket covers hide all bolts and hardware for a clean finished look
  • Optional: Porch rail and columns available

5. Aluminum Railing Color Options

  • White
  • Desert Sand
  • Earthstone
  • Black