Betterliving Sunrooms of NH Design Awards


Winner of the 2019 NSA Design Awards

These homeowners in Pelham, NH had a vision, and we delivered. With french doors that open out into their year-round sunroom, this comfortable living space is ideal for relaxing and entertaining guests. Custom plank ceiling and floors add style, while the 3-sided glass room provides wonderful views of the homeowners private backyard.



WINner of the 2019 NSA Design Awards

This covered porch in Salem, NH was converted into a beautiful 3-season screen room space. Free from bugs and the blaring sun, this homeowner can enjoy the wonderful weather of New Hampshire from the comfort of the indoors. Their style combined with the rooms design really brings the space to life!



Winner of the 2016 NSA Design Awards

This elevated year-round sunroom added some lovely living space to this home in Litchfield, New Hampshire. Secluded in their backyard, they can enjoy the views throughout the year, free from bugs, wind, rain and the cold winter weather.



Winner of the 2016 NSA Design Awards

This small concrete patio in Jaffrey, NH received a major upgrade with a 3-season patio room. While it may be on the smaller side, this comfortable sitting space can be enjoyed throughout the year. Easy access to the grill on the right side also makes it a cozy location for the perfect summer dinner.



Winner of the 2015 NSA Design Awards

Beautiful year-round sunroom built on a deck in New Boston, NH. These homeowners can relax and enjoy the rolling hills of western New Hampshire in this wonderful four season space. On the outside, glass railings allow them to keep their view while relaxing, cooking and eating on the deck.